2Lt Richard W. Collins III Scholarships


2LT Richard W. Collins III Leadership with Honor Scholarship program enacted by the Maryland legislature in May, 2018 and signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan.

This legislation provides $1 million in annual scholarship funding for students eligible for in-state tuition, a member of a Reserve Officer Training Corps, a minority or member of an underrepresented group in the ROTC and who attend a historically black college or university.

Since it was established, more than 100 Maryland HBCU students have received the 2LT Richard W. Collins III Leadership with Honor Scholarship.


The 2LT Richard W. Collins III Social Justice Scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible minority students enrolled at Bowie State University (BSU).  This scholarship is sponsored by Bowie State University to encourage students to pursue studies that support advancing social justice and civic education in their local community.  This scholarship is funded by the 2LT Richard W. Collins III Foundation, in partnership with BSU Financial Aid Office.  Eligible students can apply for the scholarship through the BSU Financial Aid Office.

Ensuring Scholar Success, the foundation recognizes that factors outside of schools and the classroom have an enormous impact on a student’s long-term success. Through your gracious donations, the 2LT Richard W. Collins, III Foundation provides mentoring, resources, and programs to ensure the long-term success of the Collins scholars.